Wake The Dead Subscription

From: $14.40 / month

Guatemalan, Colombian and Brazilian
You’ve had one to many Green Grenades the night before, you’ve woken up bleary eyed, dusty, feeling like a donkey is trying to kick its way out of your head and you’ve got somewhere to be in 15 minutes. Wake The Dead will light a fire under your clammy carcass and get you through. If you like a dark, bold roast without bitterness, The Reapers got your back.*

*Also works on non hung over humans.

All of our beans are high grade, ethically sourced.

A subscription can be cancelled once two subscriptions have been completed and paid for.  

Please allow 1-3 business days for us to process and ship your order.

250g – Approx 15 cups  |  500g – Approx 30 cups  |  1 kg – Approx 60 cups


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